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Partners Team Travels: Germany

Highlights from Amar’s trip to Germany and his top 3 favorites

Last summer, I traveled to Germany for my cousin's wedding.

For a destination wedding, it was an amazing location and I decided to take this opportunity to re-discover Germany and its rich culture. As I stood outside of the Frankfurt airport, Germany's beauty demanded my appreciation, and it felt like home.

My Favorite Stop

The moment I left the airport I knew immediately the spot that always tops my list, Frankfurt’s Old Town Center. The Medieval architecture is at the forefront here, with plenty of open shops to stroll through. This is one of the must-see places to visit when in Germany because there is so much to take in visually. The eateries beckon you inside with smells of apple strudel, and it’s impossible not to sample all the baked goods either! No wonder this is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Frankfurt. People come from all over daily to the Old Town Center to appreciate its history and beauty.

My Favorite Event

Many around the world know Germany for its Oktoberfest. That festival falls in… well October. Luckily, there are still plenty of lively events in Germany that are just as impressive as Oktoberfest, and this one takes place in the summer months. I made a quick stop by Germany’s capital, Berlin, and went to the Botanical Night at the Berlin Gardens. The Gardens magically come to life at night, as excitement fills the air. While a display of fireworks lights up the sky, theater, food, and more are available for you to enjoy.

My Favorite Destination

By far my favorite destination in all of Germany is the Cologne Cathedral, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world that looks straight out of the Harry Potter universe. Built several hundred years ago, the Cathedral can be visited through purchase of a tour. If you’re looking to experience true iconic landmarks of early European architecture and development, the Cologne Cathedral is definitely a sight to set your eyes on.

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