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Wellness Travel & Alpine Health Retreat in Switzerland

Source: Swiss Ski Safari

Written by: Danielle

We are excited to launch our Wellness travel concept with a  brand new detox summer hiking trip for 2020. These will be an extraordinary combination of holistic health improvements, stunning scenery and boutique luxury. In fact, the concept is so original it’s difficult to fit all the details into a simple web page.

This concept of Wellness travel has come out of personal experience.

This treatment I found so effective to detoxify the body and get back on track that I wanted to put wellness travel together for our guests to have access to this as well, even if you do not live in the country. The best thing about this treatment it is it is non invasive. So no needles, no samples. We have taken the hard work out of the detox process by having our meals prepared by a Michelin 2 starred chef and we round out the whole experience by hiking through the beautiful Swiss countryside during the journey.

Wellness travel and hiking

Get back in touch with nature as you become the best version of yourself. 
Is it time to take a step back and examine your lifestyle choices? Diet, exercise, alcohol consumption… how are you feeling in general? Many people have aches and pains, bloating, sluggish digestion or just do not feel good with no idea why.

Focusing on luxury and wellness on a unique travel experience will get your body back on track.

Our Approach to luxury wellness travel is different

Most of us need help identifying which foods work for us and, more importantly, which foods don’t. With non-invasive tests, a personal nutritional consultation on diet and lifestyle as well as five detox consultations we can help you improve your health. This week spent eating well and exploring the wilderness will be a pleasure and a revelation.

All meals, on during your wellness travel with us, are prepared by a 2 Michelin star chef. With natural ingredients sourced from the local environment, these inspiring creations are delicious, balanced and nutritious. We want you to feel better for the long term, inside and out and we will teach you how to do this while hiking the stunning Swiss Alps.

Small groups and personal treatments

With just six people in each group, it is easy for us to get to know you. Individuals are welcome to join our small open group trips, or this experience can be arranged privately for groups of friends and family. The maximum group size is six.

Join other like-minded people. Our on one of our luxury detox hiking safaris taking place in Summer 2020:

June 14-21

June 21 -27

Sept 13- 19

The serene setting in nature will help your body reset from a different perspective. This magnificent experience will combine luxury rooms and suites with stunning Alpine views. We find that people automatically lose weight, even though our program is not about calorie counting. You will have more energy and sleep better. We will get you looking and feeling the best you have ever felt. Throughout the week you will explore unknown mountain paths, authentic rustic mountain cabins and really head off the beaten track. This is your chance for a full body unwind and rewind to discover what you need to get back on track.

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