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Featured Destination
Featured Destination



If Greece is calling your name, you’ll enjoy beaches, historic sites, modern and ancient culture, striking scenery, spas, islands, cave exploration, charming people, casinos, yachting, shopping, food and nightlife.

With almost 2,500 islands, sea and sun are at their best in Greece: spotless sands and clear-blue water abound. The landscape offers a picturesque variety, from whitewashed homes and blue-domed churches to neoclassical architecture and traditional authentic villages in the mountainous areas.


The Greek cuisine will reward even the most demanding visitors and definitely those who appreciate simple and good quality food (after all, the famous Cretan diet is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet).  The country will especially appeal to travelers who enjoy history, philosophy, sailing, beaches and quaint villages.



Alaska's main attractions include spectacular scenery, wildlife viewing, camping, skiing, the northern lights, volcanoes, Inside Passage cruises, hiking, riverboat rides, fishing, canoeing, river and sea kayaking, friendly people, Alaska Native and Russian cultures, totem poles, glaciers and dog sled rides.

Most people will like Alaska, but the state has special appeal for nature lovers and adventurous folks.


In addition to touring by railway and cruise ship, some may choose to explore the state’s interior highways or drive the Alaska Highway through Canada.

Featured Destination

Costa Rica


The main attractions of Costa Rica are amazingly diverse natural beauty, wildlife, bird-watching, black- and white-sand beaches, surfing, deep-sea and river fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, zip-lining, casinos, white-water rafting, volcanoes, horseback riding, good restaurants, world-class resorts and spas, and its friendly, well-educated people (often known simply as Ticos).


Those who enjoy exotic plants and animals and those who participate in outdoor activities will get the most out of Costa Rica. To observe the country's varied forests, visitors should be comfortable with the damp jungle environment, or with the hot, dry conditions of the forests in the province of Guanacaste to as far south as northern Nicoya Peninsula.



The Bahamas offer a wide choice of attractions including stunning beaches, historical sites, gambling, nightlife, shopping, restaurants and fabulous hotels, plus superb golf, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking and boat excursions.

Paradise Island is probably the most popular shore excursion among cruise passengers arriving in Nassau; many enjoy time at the Atlantis resort to try their luck at the lavish casino or make a day of the fun filled Aquaventure waterpark. One awesome excursion is The Dig, a mock exploration of the lost city of Atlantis, part of the largest open-air aquarium in the world.

Featured Destination

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai's rapid transformation has left it with a slice of old Arabia and a chunk of modern infrastructure. You'll find souks selling gold jewelry and traditional wares not far from modern shopping centers selling electronics and luxury items.


Visitors will also see wind towers and minarets rising up from old neighborhoods, dwarfed in turn by office and hotel towers. A stream of building projects is emerging steadily, and construction cranes are a mainstay on the skyline no matter where you look.

But the biggest contrast can be seen in Dubai's landscape: A splendid coastline and beaches are backed by an expansive desert, which is a magnificent paradox of impressive sand dunes and starkly beautiful mountains.

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